Is My Plumbing Noise an Emergency?

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Is My Plumbing Noise an Emergency?

a burst pipe plumbing emergency in garland

If you’re like many homeowners, odd sounds in your home make you nervous, especially when they’re coming from something like your Garland plumbing system. No matter what noise you’re hearing, though, our team from Triple Crown Plumbing can help. If it’s making you anxious, give our plumbers in Garland a call and we’ll figure out what is causing it. You may also be able to figure it out on your own, based on the tips below.

All this said, if you’re in need of a 24 hour plumber in Garland or the surrounding area, call our team right away!


Most of the time, high-pitched squealing or squeaking sounds coming from plumbing mean that your pressure-reducing valve is not working properly. You likely have several of these, one for each room that uses water, though some homes will have more or fewer. Make sure you get this looked at right away, as not addressing the problem not only means dealing with annoying sounds, but also means you might experience burst pipes, overflows, and other major Garland, TX plumbing problems. If worst comes to worse, Triple Crown Plumbing can provide expert plumbing repair to get your system back in order.


Banging in your pipes can mean a few different things. If you hear it when water runs, your water pressure is likely too high. Our Garland plumbing team can test this and adjust it for you. If you hear it randomly, there may be sediment that has built up inside your water heater. Flushing it or fixing it should address the problem. If you hear bangs when you turn your water off, you likely have a water hammer, which occurs when water slams against a valve that has closed. Any home built after the 1960s should have arrestors in place to stop this. If you hear the bang, yours has likely worn out or your home is too old to have them installed at all.


Gurgles indicate that there’s water trapped inside your pipes, which further indicates either a deep clog or a sewer clog. Even if you’ve always heard gurgling water in your home, you should have this checked out as it can become a big problem fast if you just let it go. Most times, professional Garland drain cleaning will take care of plumbing gurgles! If you’d like to learn more about the signs you need drain cleaning, read this blog!


If you hear dripping even though everything is turned off properly, chances are you have a slow leak. This may not seem like much to worry about, but you’d be surprised to learn how much water you’re losing (and paying for!) with even a tiny leak. In addition, these can become much bigger leaks fast if a seal suddenly bursts entirely. We can provide Garland leak detection services to find, then repair, any leaks in your system.

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