Things You Should NEVER Flush Down the Toilet

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There are a few things that you should never, ever flush down your toilet. If you need to dispose of these items, throw them away. If they smell, put them in a plastic bag, tie the bag shut, and put it in your outdoor trash can. No matter what, don’t put these items down your pipes unless you want a clog – it could lead to a Garland plumbing emergency!

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Wipes of any sort — baby wipes, wet wipes, cosmetic wipes — won’t disintegrate like toilet paper does. This often leaves them sitting in your pipes like a solid, wet lump. They will eventually collect more and more of the debris that comes down the lines until they create a sizable clog that will require the services of a professional Garland plumber to remove. 

Paper Towels/Napkins

You might think that these would act like toilet paper in your pipes but they won’t! In fact, they also don’t disintegrate like toilet paper does and they can absorb the water that your system needs to flush other items effectively. If you want to avoid unecessary drain cleaning in Garland, throw these items in the trash instead!


Condoms, by design, won’t break unless they are under a lot of pressure. If they get wrapped around something in your plumbing system or they get stretched and stuffed full of debris, they can create a significant toilet clog. Throw them away instead and avoid the problem altogether. 

Dental Floss

Dental floss can wind around other debris or pieces of your pipe that stick out to create a web in your line. This catches any and all debris that tries to go down the line, resulting in a clog bigger than what you might have seen before. Throw your dental floss away and this may never happen to you. 


Hair acts similarly to floss in your pipes. It will break, but it’s harder to do so than you might think! It can wind around itself and other items and get stuck in grease to create a sticky, smell, nasty mess. 


Finally, don’t put medication down your pipes. It won’t cause clogs, but it might end up in your water supply later on. Instead, dispose of medication through your doctor’s office or via medication recycling days.

Call us at Triple Crown Plumbing if you do end up with a toilet clog or blocked sewer line. Our plumbing company in Garland is open 24/7, and we’ll get it out ASAP and get things back to normal for you!

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