Plumbing Emergencies & Your Main Shutoff Valve

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Plumbing Emergencies & Your Main Shutoff Valve

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When you have an emergency leak, a burst pipe from cold weather, or a failed water heater during cold weather, it’s important to call your plumber in Garland fast to minimize the water damage you experience. Did you know that there’s more you can do, though?

Arm yourself with knowledge before this huge winter storm of 2024! During a plumbing emergency, if you turn off your main shutoff valve, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Read on to learn more about your main shutoff valve and what to do in a Garland plumbing emergency, or simply call us at Triple Crown Plumbing today!

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What is Your Main Shutoff Valve?

Your main shutoff valve turns off the flow of water into your home. It is the interface between your home and the main water supply. When you turn it off, water ceases flowing into your home.

If you have a major leak in Garland, this can be a lifesaver. Once you shut it off, your leak should stop. There may be residual water in the system that still drains out, but the massive flow should cease soon.

While your Garland plumber can turn off your main shutoff valve, we highly recommend that every homeowner knows exactly where their shutoff valve is, and how to shut it off. While it may seem like common sense, emergencies leave us flustered and those split seconds of response can make a huge difference when it comes to repairs and water damage cleanup.

Additionally, an amazing advancement in main shutoff valve technology is the automatic shut off valve. These sophisticated devices are able to automatically shut off your main water valve at the first sign of a leak in your system. If you’re interested in upgrading your home to an automatic shutoff valve, connect with our team. Triple Crown Plumbing is one of few plumbing companies in Garland that is currently specializing in the installation of automatic main shutoff valves!

How to Find Your Main Shutoff Valve

Your main water valve will usually be above ground, though it may be in the basement if your house has one. It’s usually against an outer wall of your home and may be located near your utility closet. They are also commonly found in garages, near outdoor water spigots, or behind special panels that are put in place specifically to make the valve accessible.

In older homes, the main shutoff valve may be located underground. Make sure you find out where yours is when you buy or rent your home, so you can access it easily and test it regularly. If you can’t find it, it’s worthwhile to call a plumber in Garland to help you locate it. Again, being prepared for plumbing emergencies is worth it!

What to Do When You Find Your Main Shutoff Valve

If you’re experiencing an emergency leak, turn the water shutoff valve all the way to the right. It is usually a lever or a knob and right is nearly always the direction it needs to go to turn off the water.

Once you’ve done that, the flow of water into your home should stop. Water may still drain out of the leak for a while, but it won’t be like before and, eventually, it will stop.

When the water is turned off, don’t use any water in your home. This puts too much pressure on the system and can cause other issues. Call a plumber in Garland, and wait for them to fix the problem, then turn the water back on. After that, you can use water normally again.

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